Media samples

Users of this site who have mp3 demos, videos, photos, script samples, in fact anything they think might be of interest to other enthusiasts/practitioners can now have their own dedicated “Media Samples” page.

Because of the recent problem we had with hackers, uploading files to this facility will be tightly controlled (at least for now). This simply means that we would ask you to contact us first (via the Contact Us form) to tell us about your requirements, after which we will provide a dedicated mechanism for you to upload your files. We’re sorry of this sounds a bit clunky, but having been bitten (twice) by the loathsome hacking fraternity we are taking no chances!

One brave composer, Judit Catan, has set the ball rolling by uploading some mp3 demos of some songs from two of her musicals, Girl With a Torch and Of Angels and Demons. So go ahead and click on “Media Samples” in the menu bar, then click through to Judit’s page to take a listen. Enjoy!

We look forward to including other composers’ work in the near future.

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