• Media samples

    Users of this site who have mp3 demos, videos, photos, script samples, in fact anything they think might be of interest to other enthusiasts/practitioners can now have their own dedicated “Media Samples” page.

    Because of the recent problem we had with hackers, uploading files to this facility will be tightly controlled (at least for now). This simply means that we would ask you to contact us first (via the Contact Us form) to tell us about your requirements, after which we will provide a dedicated mechanism for you to upload your files. We’re sorry of this sounds a bit clunky, but having been bitten (twice) by the loathsome hacking fraternity we are taking no chances!

    One brave composer, Judit Catan, has set the ball rolling by uploading some mp3 demos of some songs from two of her musicals, Girl With a Torch and Of Angels and Demons. So go ahead and click on “Media Samples” in the menu bar, then click through to Judit’s page to take a listen. Enjoy!

    We look forward to including other composers’ work in the near future.

  • New musical about the Dorset village of Tyneham

    Many people will know about the Dorset village of Tyneham, which was commandeered by the Armed Forces during the second world war with the promise that it would one day be returned to the villagers who gave up their homes. It was never returned, and access to the village is still restricted, although it is possible to visit it at set times.

    Jordan Clarke has written a musical, Tyneham – No Small Sacrifice, which will be performed in Weymouth (a coastal town close to Tyneham itself) at the end of October.

    Please see the show’s website for more details: www.tynehamthemusical.com


  • The NMN website

    Here’s the place where you can keep up to date with the progress we have made with restoring the site after the nasty hacking attack during the summer.

    1st October – finished removing all the hacked files and completed checking for hacked code.

    Performed a clean install of WordPress, using the default “Twenty-thirteen” theme to provide a holding page to replace the hacker’s message.

    2nd October – installed a new theme and header image.

    Added  “Contact Us” page with functionality to submit a form, together with “captcha” security to prevent automatic submissions.

    Started to re-instate a menu structure and populated the list of musicals and network list using an archive from August 2012.

    5th October – added a Twitter feed and a theatre news feed from The Guardian.

    7th October – restored many (but not all) of the pages with details of musicals.

    8th October – most of the musicals database is now restored.

    10th October – added a “Media Samples” page and a “Subscribe” page to enable signing up for our newsletter.