Looking for new songs for our next Snappy Title concert!

Here’s a ‘Shout Out’ to composers and writers – we need new songs for our next Snappy Title concert!

The next Snappy Title showcase of new musical theatre writing will be on Sunday 3rd December 2017, at The Pheasantry, King’s Road, Chelsea, London.

We are looking for new songs, which can either be ‘standalone’ songs or taken from a musical (which can be one still in development, or a finished work). If the song is a standalone one, the genre should nonetheless be recognisably ‘musical theatre’. Of course, we understand that the genre is a very broad church nowadays, so we are prepared for lots of different styles! Please bear in mind the live band will be piano, bass and drums, and so your submission should be suitable for this kind of ensemble. Songs may be solos or duets; any which are written for more than two singers will not be considered.

The theme for the concert is No Time Like The Present, which you may interpret as freely as you wish. Bearing in mind that the concert date is broadly within the Christmas season, you may take ‘present’ in the theme’s title to mean ‘gift’, but be aware that we are not exclusively looking for Christmas songs per se, although such songs will be considered and welcomed alongside songs which interpret the theme in a different way.

Your submission must be in the form of a pdf of the score (notated in conventional notation using suitable software such as Sibelius) arranged for vocal and piano, plus a demo recording of the song in mp3 format. The demo need not be professionally produced, but the quality should be adequate for us to form a judgement of the song’s merits. Submissions which are not deemed to be of adequate presentational quality (e.g. handwritten, illegible, inaudible demos, etc) will not be considered.

Please email your submission to: peter@newmusicals.org.uk. If the file size is too large to email, please contact us (using the email address above) so that we can arrange an alternative method of making your submission.

IMPORTANT: Closing date for entries is midnight on Friday 13th October 2017. Only ONE song per entrant will be accepted for consideration.

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