New work from the pen of Bob Gould



Lyricist and book writer Bob Gould has been a friend of NMN since his work was featured in our very first Snappy Title showcase back in 2009.

Bob is a skilled writer  and his work is always innovative, original, though-provoking and well crafted.

He has been in touch with details of two new musicals he has been working on: A Pebble for Aaron and Shadow on the Sun.

Please read details below, together with links to the websites for the two shows.

A PEBBLE FOR AARON (co-written with Rob Eyles)

It’s late November in New York’s East Village and it’s snowing. Ray Green, a Jewish man in his 50s, and Bella, Ray’s alcoholic ex-wife, enter Stan’s Diner and proceed to exchange a series of barbed, vicious but also comic one-liners while waiting for their breakfast.
What are the ghosts from the past that still tear this couple apart with such a deep hurt?

Why does their dead son Aaron’s former boyfriend, Joey, come to meet with Bella on this day?

Who placed a new pebble on Aaron’s grave?

Website (includes samples from the songs):


SHADOW ON THE SUN (co-written with Omri Lahav and Jimmy Granstrom):
SHADOW ON THE SUN is a science fiction “musical within a musical” which tells the dual stories of science fiction novelist Jake Temple and the novel he is desperately trying to write.

“Deep inside reality
There’s a trace of heaven
Within a space where hell begins.
Do we all defy insanity
When we step inside reality?”

Website (includes samples from the songs):



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